Covid 19 advice

The Band is taking the following COVID19 precautions –

  • Members will be issued with a named seat cover and are to place the cover over their chair, take it with them after rehearsal and have it sanitised or washed and brought back on the following Wednesday;

  • Each member is to bring a hand towel to catch condensation from their instruments;

  • Members will need to have their attendance recorded at each rehearsal;

  • Details of names and telephone numbers/email addresses will need to be kept of any new attendees/visitors.

  • Volunteers handling food will be using plastic gloves and food will be handed to members by those volunteers;

  • Hand sanitiser will be available for those who require it.

  • Chairs will be given a spray of disinfectant as they are placed on the trolleys at the end of proceedings.


Finally, as is the case for the general community, the Committee strongly recommends that if a member feels ill, has a temperature, has a sore throat or cold or flu-like symptoms, they should, in the interests of their fellow players

  • Stay at home and don’t attend;

  • Get tested for COVID19; and

  • Don’t return until they are officially cleared of COVID19.

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