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Life Members




Kerrod Atfield

Joined - May 1992


Kerrod is one of the founding members of the band.  He remains an active musician and has been on the committee every year.

Life Membership awarded 2007


Dennis Waters

Joined - May 1992


Dennis was also at the very first band practice in May 1992.  Dennis was our Treasurer for many years.

Life Membership awarded 2007


Ron Kirkwood

Joined - May 1992


Ron was also a founding member of the band. 

Ron passed away in September 2010

Life Membership awarded 2007


Doug Hocking 

Joined - March 1998


Doug joined the band in 1998 and took over as Musical Director in 2002.  Doug handed over the baton to Graham Drane in 2013. 

Sadly, Doug  passed away Thursday 25 August 2016


Bill Hyde

Joined - May 2001


Bill is our Bass Trombonist and in 2016 clocked up 15 years of continuous and valuable service to the band.  Bill is also our most travelled member as he lives in Beerwah and very rarely misses a rehearsal or play out.  We thank Bill for his dedication.

Life Membership awarded 2016


Ruth Voysey

Joined - September 2002


Ruth first joined the band in June 1999 but left in 2001 to pursue her studies.  Ruth missed playing and returned in September 2002.  In 2017 Ruth achieved 15 years of continuous service. Ruth has also previously been President and Secretary of the band.

Life Membership awarded 2017


Julie Willans

Joined - 2006


Julie joined the band in 2006 and is currently our principal trombone player.

Life Membership awarded 2021


Graham Drane

Joined - 2005


Graham joined the band in 2005 and after a few years became a principal cornet player. Then in 2013 took over the baton from Doug Hocking to become Musical Director.

Life Membership awarded 2021


Stuart Jaeschke

Joined - May 1992


Stuart was at the very first band practice in May 1992.  He is still active with the band and has served on the committee for many years.

Life Membership awarded 2007

Allan Corcoran

Joined - November 2005


Allan was our principal euphonium player until he headed north to Caloundra in 2012.  Allan was also our librarian and a wonderful support to the band and the committee.


Malcolm Choyce

Joined - October 2002


Malcolm has played cornet with the band since he joined in 2002.  He has been a supportive and integral part of the band for many years and we thank Malcolm for his dedication.

Life Membership awarded 2017


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